Introduction to my ideas

First Post:

Today, I (Keith Mrotek) embarked on a Journey.

I’ve been on a Journey, for quite some time. The missions of this Journey, I’m going to attempt to chronicle in this blog.

The premise of my Journey is to “understand” Coffee.
It’s a beverage and a business that I have developed a love hate relationship with.

My goals are to:
A. Find out what I love about it.
1. In regards to the Industry
2. In regards to the Community
3. In regards to the Green & Roasted Product
4. In regards to the Ground & Extracted product
5. In regards to the Final Product

B. Find out what I hate about it.
1. What keeps me working in it (spitefully)
2. What keeps me Motivated (angrily)
3. Why I hate the “system”
4. What I hate about making it
5. What phases I hate going through

C. Help myself to at least enjoy the Journey.

I should assure you that this will not be a blog about actually hating Coffee. I really love Coffee. That should seem pretty obvious as I’m starting a blog about it. Hopefully I can shed some light on some issues I have, and moreover, I can all come to have a better understanding and love of Coffee.

I should also assure you that I do not consider myselve “the best” or an “expert” in the industry, but simply a student of the craft. My goal is to quite simply understand Coffee in as many respects as possible, and shed light on as many topics, as in-depth as possible, while trying to be as objective about results as possible.


2 Responses to “Introduction to my ideas”

  1. I like the goals… I am fully behind trying to understand what keeps me “working in it (spitefully)”. Things like the inconsistent results with Extract Mojo would have me tossing for days and spitefully stalking to work trying to figure out what I don’t understand and whats wrong with the brewing method… πŸ™‚ Nice πŸ™‚

  2. Stumbled upon this blog. Enjoying it. Fellow Coffee Nerd. Keep Posting! πŸ™‚

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