Extract Mojo: Take 2

The second round:

This attempt, was me (Keith) continuing to be anxious about the Extract Mojo Refractometer, and the readings we had gotten from the device paired with the Clover.

I was anxious, because:

The device is really expensive and therefore should work
The industry has called the device revolutionary
It makes sense.

So then why is it not consistent and why is the coffee super under-extracted.

This time I brought:

Coffee from Intelligentsia. The Edelweiss Finagro Estate: Tanzania. It was fresh, a different coffee, and I had 2 lbs. of it.

A microfiber towel. for wiping the screen of the meter.

Cupping glasses for transferring coffee.

We, Jamin & I also used a Fluke thermoprobe (supernice) to measure the temperature of the slurry during a longer clover brew cycle.

Our approach changed. We don’t want to use the Clover like we have been using the Clover. It yields underdeveloped confusingly extracted super up-dosed really bizarre coffees..
We just want awesome coffee.
We tried some things.

Using the Ditting 7 grind setting, the first attempt was 24g coffee 8oz. water a mild stir “pat” and 60 seconds(longer brew time coarser grind).

Results varied between 1.08 and 1.20 on the meter.
1.3340 and 1.3344 That’s huge for the same coffee.
.59 TDS on the Mojo ToGo not even on the charts for EXT %

Second attempt:
Using Ditting 4 (finer than our cafe setting of 5), 24g 8oz. mild stir “pat” and 60 seconds.
isolating the grind setting as the variable (in theory).
1.3353 @ 27.6 degrees C
Cool! 14.45 EXT % and 1.74 TDS
Really bad coffee, but extracted!!

Ditting 4, 24g, 8oz. 90 seconds. isolating time as variable (in theory).
1.3353 @ 26.7 degrees C
1.67 TDS 13.5 EXT %
I’m just really excited we’re getting readings.
Bad ones, but readings none the less.

Other experiment: Slurry Temp. over Time.

180 second brew time 360mL
at 120seconds – 187 degrees F
at 90seconds – 182 degrees F
at 60seconds – 179 degrees F
Finish – 165 degrees F

Maybe long brew times do not = Awesome.


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