The Map

I’ve put together a Map.

It’s a map of places that I would enjoy getting coffee in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  I’ve printed 300 copies of the map, and keep them at the shop that I work at (Dogwood Coffee) and have encouraged all other shops on the map to do the same.

My original intention behind the map was entirely selfish.  A few guests over time have asked where else in town they can get good coffee, or where in NYC, Chicago, Seattle or a slew of other cities they travel to/spend a lot of time in.  I imagine most baristas get this question.  My common response had been to go through the 5 shops in town, then get a confused/concerned look and realize I should write them down for my guest to better remember them.  While this works, It’s in my handwriting and on receipt paper (it looks tacky) and if I’m in a rush, I might forget one.  For other cities, I simply write down the ones I’ve heard good things about, in some cases have been to.

I printed the map to save time, improve the interaction with my guests, and make something that looks nice.

I realized initially, it could be awesome and bring our coffee community together.  Or it could cause drama between some/any of the shops that disagree with the list i.e. don’t want to be on the list with another one of the shops,  there is drama between those shops or there is a conflict considering that it could reasonably be cannibalistic marketing.  These are all small businesses, trying to make a living.  We all have bills to pay, and to business owners that’s loud and clear.

I won’t lie, I took inspiration from Gwilym Davies “Disloyalty Card

On another note, I didn’t feel that every shop on the list would participate in a “discounted” product.  Totally understandable.  I also didn’t want to further encourage anyone to try to fill up the card and leave their “home store”  I also didn’t want anyone of my guests or my colleagues guests to feel this way.

On one side of the map, I’ve placed information about the shops. facts. not opinions.  I put all of the information that I thought was important, to help guests see what potential a shop had to make great coffee, skill of barista and quality of experience aside (thought they were taken into consideration for the map). This information includes: coffee source, milk source, espresso machine, espresso grinders, brewing options.

On the flip side, I have images of the Twin Cities with arrows to each shop.  Also, the address and hours of each.


I’ve also placed a disclaimer at the bottom of the map side

“this list does not represent the preferences of any of the listed companies. Please direct any questions to your Barista or”

On the other side also:

“for your home brewing needs visit:”

for those who brew coffee at home, and buy beans at any of our establishments.

Espresso Map3-20

For the simple sake of learning more about other cities I have the lofty idea of making maps for the most asked about cities. Seattle, San Fran, Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland and the like.  We’ll see how that goes.


One Response to “The Map”

  1. Talk to Dan from Neptune about his map project this week! Let’s collaborate.

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